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Server part of the site moved to OpenJDK 12.
Futurists poetry of the early 20th century (rus).
Java questions for self control (rus).
Updated Minesweeper game.
Updated Tetris game.
Updated Recent updates block.
Updated Five In Row game.
Version 3.0 - first run. As it saying, spring has come.
Version 3.0 - server part of the site moved to Spring Framework.
Version 3.0 - client part of the site moved to AngularJS.
The first versions of the site I started to write in 2016. Then it was located on GitHub and was a description of those things that were there at that time, and mainly there were test tasks from Java courses.In 2017, developed a blog, which articles at first were re-blogging - then developed own articles.With the extension of the functionality of the site capabilities of GitHub became lack - server side became required, because not everything can be done on the client side without harming the client himself. Developed own feedback form and privacy policy.At first, the server was virtual in the Amazon cloud, which was located somewhere in North America. By the end of 2018, server moved to Russia and became a physical. In May 2019, the server became virtual again in the Mirhosting cloud, located in Western Europe.The second version of the site represented huge heap of something strange, folded in one place, that's why it's code was closed - was not shared, currently is in archive. In early 2019, the site was completely rewritten, it's code was opened, located on GitHub.The current version is third.
About the blog
I still do not know what to write in the blog, so I write mostly empties.. I have always been interested in computers and everything associated with them, so even after I realized that this may bring money, not only just play games, for a long time I couldn't decide which way to go.On the front page there is last article from the blog and a few games. Full list in the related sections.Not much yet, but I'm growing. I write about what comes to mind, what I do, what I'm working on, what is interesting, what I would like, or just something.Where to go - I do not know until now, but it does not prevent me from going.Blog consists of different parts. Some are described in the form of algorithms or a sequence of actions: what you need to write to get a certain result. Some in the form of repositories or libraries. Some just work, and some don't work at all and they shouldn't, but some work no matter what.Since it is necessary to write and configure the entire blog including the server - all this structure is in continuous development state.Adding new features as they become available - fixing old bugs as they are detected. And vice versa.
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